About This Stand

Our top of the line retractable banner stand, SilverSteps have a unique, "step" design for the base, a polished chrome look, and the same durability you'd expect from a product Think Dexter proudly calls top of the line. Better still, the graphics attach easily, so you can change out your marketing message as often as you like.

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90" x 24" One-Sided SilverStep Retractable Banner Stand Facts:

Use - Indoor, Up to 5 Years

Stand Material - Aluminum and Plastic

Stand Height - 90" Tall

Weight - 10 lbs

Packaging - Ships in one 5x13x30 box

Portability - Comes with a Padded Travel Case

Custom Printing Information:

Banners - 15oz No Curl, Supersmooth, Blockout Vinyl

Banners Required - One Banner, 90" x 24"

Printing - Full Color Digital UV

Banners Attach By - Hook & Loop Fasteners on the bottom and a clamp bar on top

Replacement Banners - 90" x 24"

Banner Changeover - Easy

Choose your design or make an appointment for customized options.